Super Bowl Sippers: Alcohol Optional

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away! I always look forward to the Super Bowl but my excitement has nothing to do with football and only a little to do with ridiculous commercials and the potential for wardrobe malfunctions at the half-time show. It’s all about friends, family, food and drinks!

My only complaint about Super Bowl Sunday is that it is in fact on a Sunday which is quickly followed by Monday morning and the expectation that we will be at work on time.  Who plans these things?!? What’s wrong with Super Bowl Saturday?

Anyways, to improve your post-Super Bowl Monday morning, I made a few yummy mocktails. They are great if you don’t drink, don’t feel like drinking, are on a Whole 30 or just need something non-alcoholic to alternate between alcoholic beverages but still want to feel like you’re celebrating.

Of course, most of you will add alcohol. Go for it. Even with the addition of alcohol, these drinks will be lower in calories and sugar than most cocktails.

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