Food Log Friday & Cilantro Pesto Recipe

Oh cilantro! It seems like people either love it or hate it. Interestingly, this may be due to a genetic trait.

I’ll admit it. I’m a cilantro lover. You other cilantro lovers out there probably adore it for it’s fresh, citrusy flavor but there are lots of other reasons to heart cilantro.


  • is a great source of antioxidants (2)
  • is rich in vitamins A, K & C as well as potassium and manganese (2)
  • helps cleanse the liver thanks to the compound linalool (1)
  • helps cleanse the body of toxic metals (2)
  • supports the digestive system (2)
  • promotes a calm feeling (2)
  • can improve sleep quality (3)
  • helps balance blood sugar (3)
  • has natural anti-histamine properties that calm skin irritations (3)

Cilantro pesto is a tasty way to add more cilantro to your diet. It’s versatile and super easy to make. It boosts the flavor of chicken, beef, white fish, shrimp, eggs, roasted veggies, steamed veggies, and makes for a delicious salad dressing. My recipe is barely a recipe; just a few ingredients blended together in a food processor.

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Super Bowl Sippers: Alcohol Optional

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away! I always look forward to the Super Bowl but my excitement has nothing to do with football and only a little to do with ridiculous commercials and the potential for wardrobe malfunctions at the half-time show. It’s all about friends, family, food and drinks!

My only complaint about Super Bowl Sunday is that it is in fact on a Sunday which is quickly followed by Monday morning and the expectation that we will be at work on time.  Who plans these things?!? What’s wrong with Super Bowl Saturday?

Anyways, to improve your post-Super Bowl Monday morning, I made a few yummy mocktails. They are great if you don’t drink, don’t feel like drinking, are on a Whole 30 or just need something non-alcoholic to alternate between alcoholic beverages but still want to feel like you’re celebrating.

Of course, most of you will add alcohol. Go for it. Even with the addition of alcohol, these drinks will be lower in calories and sugar than most cocktails.

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Tips & Tricks to Help You Dominate Meal Prep


This quote is everywhere and it’s super annoying because it’s so true. Spontaneity is great but, how many spontaneous trips to the grocery store after work, when you’re starving and tired with everyone else in the world who’s starving and tired has ended up with a delicious healthy meal?

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Lox & No Bagel Egg Cups

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

Are you drunk yet?

This recipe is inspired by my husband who has to have lox and bagels with chive and onion cream cheese, red onion and tomato for every day that is remotely special. Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Sunday, Tuesday…all the days. It’s good to know what you want.

In order to clean lox and bagels up a little, I nixed the bagel. But don’t be sad. I put all the other good stuff into an egg cup and topped it with chive goat cheese. These tasty egg cups are great for breakfast or a snack. I’ll be eating them tomorrow morning. Yay 2017!!

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Grape & Pecan Chicken Salad

This chicken salad is my husband’s favorite lunch. Whenever I ask him what he wants for lunch for the week, the answer is always chicken salad. Why do I still ask? I dunno. The addition of grapes and pecans makes it a little fancier than everyday chicken salad and adds a really nice crunch.

One of the main ingredients of any chicken salad, tuna salad, any meat salad really, is mayonnaise. Not all mayonnaise is created equal. Why? Because, most commercial mayos are made from highly processes, refined oils that easily turn rancid.

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Go To Green Smoothie

As a daily goal, I aim for a minimum of 2 servings of greens.

One serving of greens = 1 cup of raw greens, 2 cups of cooked greens or 1 scoop of greens powder.

This smoothie takes care of my minimum requirement as it includes 1 scoop of greens powder and 1 cup of raw greens.

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