Sweat Sesh: Valentine’s Day Full-Body Circuit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gotta love a good Bitmoji!

I know there’s a wide range of feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some people are all hearts and kisses and candy and flowers and others can’t stand the consumerism of it. But hey, it’s a day that serves as a reminder to really celebrate the people we love. Be a hater if you want but its a lot more fun to spend time with your favorite person or people while maybe sipping a little champagne or nibbling on chocolates.

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Food Log Friday & A Request for Podcast Recommendations

Hey, hey!

Do you listen to podcasts?

I first learned about podcasts through a trainer I was working out with during my NPC bikini days in 2011-2012. She told me that she listened to them while she cleaned the house. She didn’t dread cleaning so much if she was looking forward to listening to a podcast. Genius!

Since then, I have been listening to podcast when I clean the house, do yard work, cook, walk the dog, and any time I’m in the car. Over the years, I have mostly stuck with health and fitness related podcasts but I’m ready to branch out. I’ll never abandon the health related stuff but I’m in need of a little variety. Help me, please!

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Post-Super Bowl Sweat Sesh: Compound Circuit

Happy Monday!

Whaddya think of the Super Bowl?

I couldn’t believe the Patriots came back to win and in overtime. How in 50 years of Super Bowls has there never been an overtime? Seems crazy! Lady Gaga rocked it! The drones behind her in the opening of her performance were pretty awesome too!

If you over indulged yesterday, don’t dwell on it. You had fun. Today is a new day. Get back to healthy food choices and sweat it out with this post-Super Bowl sweat sesh.

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Food Log Friday, Tortillas & Ranch Dressing

Making whole foods at home from scratch is ideal but not always practical. Finding convenience products that are delicious and made from quality ingredients is becoming easier thanks to the demand for real food instead of frankenfoods. I tried the two products below this week and love them both!

I am in no way affiliated with these companies. I just like awesome food and am pretty sure you do too!

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Super Bowl Sippers: Alcohol Optional

Super Bowl Sunday is only a few days away! I always look forward to the Super Bowl but my excitement has nothing to do with football and only a little to do with ridiculous commercials and the potential for wardrobe malfunctions at the half-time show. It’s all about friends, family, food and drinks!

My only complaint about Super Bowl Sunday is that it is in fact on a Sunday which is quickly followed by Monday morning and the expectation that we will be at work on time.  Who plans these things?!? What’s wrong with Super Bowl Saturday?

Anyways, to improve your post-Super Bowl Monday morning, I made a few yummy mocktails. They are great if you don’t drink, don’t feel like drinking, are on a Whole 30 or just need something non-alcoholic to alternate between alcoholic beverages but still want to feel like you’re celebrating.

Of course, most of you will add alcohol. Go for it. Even with the addition of alcohol, these drinks will be lower in calories and sugar than most cocktails.

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Sweat Sesh: Fun Full-Body Circuit

Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going so far?

Hopefully, you’re more on top of it than me. I really like to post workouts on Mondays but I got a little behind this weekend. My husband, Tyson and I took a little day trip to Cedar Key on Sunday. It’s an eclectic little island about an hour away from Gainesville. It’s a great spot to be by the water, listen to live music, eat some oysters and have a beer. Tyson looking out over the water and contemplating life:


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Food Log Friday & a Little Bit ‘Bout Bone Broth

Yay! It’s (almost) the freakin’ weekend! Hope you have some fun and relaxing plans!

Before we talk about what I ate yesterday, let’s talk about what I made…

Beef bone broth! And its super gelatinous!

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