Food Log Friday

Happy Friday!

What are you up to this weekend? You know what you should do?

Go see Beaty & the Beast 3-D! I went last night with a friend who was seeing it for the second time. It’s that good!

For those of you, like me, who saw the animated version one million times as a child, prepare to be amazed. It blows plain old animation out of the water. The 3-D element is amazing and Emma Watson is a perfect Belle! Josh Gad plays Gaston’s sidekick LeFou. He his hilarious as always but it’s so hard not picture him as Olaf the whole time. My point is – go see it for yourself!

Food Log Friday

Yesterday I had fasting blood work scheduled for 9am. Just routine stuff – cholesterol, vitamin D, metabolic panel, CBC, thyroid. Things I like to keep tabs on yearly just to make sure nothing is trending in the wrong direction. After my blood work I had errands to run so ate breakfast in the car. No extra fasting for me!



I had 2 salmon cakes with a little bit of Fed & Fit’s Paleo Ranch ( I cheated and used store bought avocado oil mayo) and roasted butternut squash.

After running errands, I had a cup of turmeric tea. Turmeric is the IT anti-inflammatory superfood right now so I’m trying to incorporate it into my diet a little more.

I previously used one tea bag and it tasted like dirty water but with two tea bags you really get the turmeric flavor.



This plate is not pretty. Sorry. It looks sweaty because I had already heated it up. Lunch was kale sautéed with bacon, pan-fried chicken patties, Trader Joe’s steamed beets, a sheet of SeaSnax toasty onion seaweed and some GT’s Gingerade kombucha.


After all that lunch I thought I would be full but not so much. I was hungry about an hour later so I had some baked sweet potato with coconut oil, cinnamon and sea salt. The flavor combination is so, so good! Try it!


Snack 2

I had a handful of watermelon while I was chopping it up along with some berries to have as quick snacks for the next few days.



We grabbed sushi at a little place next door to the movie theater before Beauty & the Beast. I had a wakame salad, an 8 piece Alaskan roll with krab, smoked salmon, avocado and masago and a 4 piece rainbow roll. The Alaskan with the smoked salmon is the best!


Before bed I drank a hot cup of sleepy tea with coconut oil blended in. Coconut oil supposedly helps to calm the nervous system which helps with sleep.


Have a great weekend!

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