Sweat Sesh: Valentine’s Day Full-Body Circuit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gotta love a good Bitmoji!

I know there’s a wide range of feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some people are all hearts and kisses and candy and flowers and others can’t stand the consumerism of it. But hey, it’s a day that serves as a reminder to really celebrate the people we love. Be a hater if you want but its a lot more fun to spend time with your favorite person or people while maybe sipping a little champagne or nibbling on chocolates.

Sweat Sesh: Valentine’s Day Full-Body Circuit

Warm-up– Repeat 3 times:

Complete each exercise back-to-back with minimal rest. Rest 2-3 minutes between rounds. Complete 3 rounds with the following reps:

  • Round 1: 20 reps  (10/leg for unilateral moves, 1-3)
  • Round 2: 18 reps  (9/leg for unilateral moves, 1-3)
  • Round 3: 16 reps  (8/leg for unilateral moves, 1-3)
  1. Alternating walking lunges with alternating shoulder press
  2. Alternating curtsey lunge with bicep curl
  3. Carrie Underwood static squat into lunge
  4. Front-side, side-front shoulder rotation
  5. Abs
    1. Round 1: Supine leg raises with crunch hold
    2. Round 2: Temple tap abs (shown at 4:35 of this video)
    3. Round 3: Butterfly sit ups

— Then–

20 Heel tap jump squats

20 Ice skaters jumps

20 Explosive step-ups or jump lunges

Please listen to your body and modify as necessary! Enjoy!


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