Post-Super Bowl Sweat Sesh: Compound Circuit

Happy Monday!

Whaddya think of the Super Bowl?

I couldn’t believe the Patriots came back to win and in overtime. How in 50 years of Super Bowls has there never been an overtime? Seems crazy! Lady Gaga rocked it! The drones behind her in the opening of her performance were pretty awesome too!

If you over indulged yesterday, don’t dwell on it. You had fun. Today is a new day. Get back to healthy food choices and sweat it out with this post-Super Bowl sweat sesh.

Post-Super Bowl Sweat Sesh: Compound Circuit

Warm-up: 5 minutes jump rope, jog or cardio machine

Complete each exercise in the circuit with minimal rest between exercises. Rest 2-5 minutes between rounds. Complete 3 rounds.

  1. High plank knee to opposite elbow with a push-up x 8-10
    • Get into high plank position. Keeping back flat and body stable tap right knee to left elbow, then left knee to right elbow, then do a push-up. This is one rep.
  2. Alternating back lunge with bicep curl x 16 total (8/leg)
  3. Alternating side lunge with lateral raise x 16 total (8/leg)
  4. DB bent over row deadlift combo x 15
  5. Plyo
  6. Pass the ball abs x 12


Please listen to your body and modify as necessary. Enjoy!

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