Food Log Friday, Tortillas & Ranch Dressing

Making whole foods at home from scratch is ideal but not always practical. Finding convenience products that are delicious and made from quality ingredients is becoming easier thanks to the demand for real food instead of frankenfoods. I tried the two products below this week and love them both!

I am in no way affiliated with these companies. I just like awesome food and am pretty sure you do too!

Siete Cassava & Coconut Tortillas


When I first started eating in an ancestral/paleo-ish way, one of the things I missed was tortillas. A taco bowl is great but there’s just something about meat, veggies, cheese and guac smushed into a warm tortilla.

Flour tortillas are full of bleached wheat flour, hydrogenated soybean oil and preservatives so they’re out. There are some pretty clean corn tortillas out there (corn is not technically paleo) but they fall apart as soon as you pick them up so what’s the point.

Thankfully, Siete has solved all my tortilla troubles. These tortillas are made from cassava flour, water, coconut flour, coconut oil, pastured pork lard, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and xanthum gum. They are paleo, non GMO, grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free. Pretty impressive. Even more impressive, they warm-up and brown nicely in a skillet and they DO NOT fall apart! I tested them with breakfast tacos, dinner tacos and a quesadilla and they held up for each. Siete makes other varieties of tortillas, which I have not tried yet, and are introducing tortilla chips in April.

Getcha some and have a tasty Taco Tuesday this week! For peeps in Gainesville, I have only found these at Earth Fare so far.

Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch


The Hidden Valley of our childhood was concealing soybean and/or canola oil, soy, sugar, MSG and multiple preservatives.

Luckily, Tessemae’s Creamy Ranch is the opposite of that Hidden Valley, an exposed mountain if you will. It has a clean ingredient list and is Whole 30 approved, gluten free, sugar free and delicious. There is a prominent dill flavor, which is great on salads, meats, raw veggies…pretty much anything.

It contains sunflower oil which I questioned initially as it is a seed oil but, the company has addressed this issue in the statement below from their website.

“Some of your dressings now include sunflower oil in addition to olive oil.  Why did you need to make that change?

Yeah, we knew this one could potentially cause the most concern amongst our core consumers, so we didn’t take this decision lightly. Here is the full breakdown… we came into this process looking to solve for three primary goals: first, to become 100% USDA Organic; second, to maintain our current taste; and three, to improve our ease of use. In working through the R&D process we could solve for number one using organic olive oil, however, number two and three always fell short. Consequently, through the research we conducted, plus the advice we received from trusted partners (cough, cough… Whole30) we found that 100% organic, high oleic sunflower seed oil* in combination with an organic extra virgin olive oil allowed us to elevate our quality, maintain our flavor, and improve our usage because we no longer congeal when chilled.

*”High oleic” means the sunflower seeds are bred to have a much higher percentage of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat,  and a much lower percentage of potentially inflammatory polyunsaturated fat. This process of seed selection means the fat profile of high-oleic sunflower oil is almost the same as that of extra-virgin olive oil. Note, this process of breeding seeds is not the same as genetic modifiation.”

I feel confident choosing this product based on this statement and the product’s endorsement by Whole 30. For peeps in Gainesville, I have only found this at Earth Fare so far too.

Food Log Friday

1st thing in the morning I had a cup of warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt. These are the last lemons of the season from our lemon trees. I juiced them and froze the juice in ice cube trays. I ended up with 2 1/2 gallon bags of lemon juice ice cubes so I’m good to go for a few months.



For breakfast, I had a breakfast taco using a Siete tortilla with 2 over medium eggs, avocado, tomatoes and cilantro and a grapefruit.


Lunch started with a monkey mug full of the awesome gelled and jiggly beef bone broth that I made last week. Then I had collards sautéed with bacon and cauliflower cashew curry that is a recipe I still love from my vegetarian days.


I did a quick garage workout in the afternoon and had a post-workout smoothie with 1 scoop Vega protein & greens vanilla flavor, water, ice, baked white sweet potato and pumpkin-pie spice.  I’ve never used sweet potato in a smoothie but it’s delicious with the pumpkin-pie spice and thickens up the smoothie.


For dinner I tested out the Siete tortillas again with a quesadilla. Inside the quesadilla was ground beef, raw cheddar cheese and sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers. I topped it with some quick homemade guac, dollop of plain goat milk yogurt and hot sauce.


Have a great weekend! If you are looking for some celebratory drinks for Super Bowl Sunday that will leave you hydrated instead of hungover check out this post – Super Bowl Sippers: Alcohol Optional. 

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