Sweat Sesh: Full-Body Circuit

Happy Monday!

Our pup turned 2 this weekend! Wasn’t he the cutest puppy?

Honestly, his cuteness is all that kept me from killing him as a young puppy. Puppies are actually a bad design. They have a sh*t ton of energy, no inhibitions and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. Why do they need teeth? Human babies don’t have teeth and it works out just fine for them. The whole puppy stage would be much more manageable without the teeth.

Anyways, he finally calmed down around 18 months and is a super-sweet, affectionate boy who loves paper towels, snuggling, tug-of-war, chasing the hose and stealing bacon off the kitchen counter.

Sweat Sesh: Full-Body Circuit


Complete 3 rounds.

100 Single Unders

15 Air Squats



Complete 3-4 rounds. Complete each exercise with minimal rest between exercises. Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

16 Walking Lunge with Bicep Curl (8 each leg)

20 Double Unders

15 Squat with Medicine Ball Toss

12 Bent-Over Deadlift Row (barbell or dumbbells)

20 KB Swings

16 Renegade Rows (8 each arm)(kettle bells or dumbbells)


Please listen to your body and modify as necessary. Enjoy!


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