Sweat Sesh: Fun Full-Body Circuit

Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going so far?

Hopefully, you’re more on top of it than me. I really like to post workouts on Mondays but I got a little behind this weekend. My husband, Tyson and I took a little day trip to Cedar Key on Sunday. It’s an eclectic little island about an hour away from Gainesville. It’s a great spot to be by the water, listen to live music, eat some oysters and have a beer. Tyson looking out over the water and contemplating life:


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Food Log Friday & a Little Bit ‘Bout Bone Broth

Yay! It’s (almost) the freakin’ weekend! Hope you have some fun and relaxing plans!

Before we talk about what I ate yesterday, let’s talk about what I made…

Beef bone broth! And its super gelatinous!

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Sweat Sesh: Full Body Circuit

Happy Monday!

This past week I was feeling a little tired and did more low-intensity movement like walking, Body Flow and yoga. Apparently, Tyson has been paying attention:

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Food Log Friday: What Does a Nutrition Therapy Consultant Eat?

I have been reading food/health/wellness/nutrition blogs for a while now. Probably, the last 5-6 years. One of the features I continue to really like on these blogs is posts about what people eat in a day. Is it weird to care about what a stranger eats all day? Most likely, but I find it interesting. Why? Because, through these posts I am introduced to new:

  • Recipes
  • Meal ideas
  • Cooking techniques
  • Products
  • Ways to incorporate superfoods
  • Things I didn’t even know about

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Tips & Tricks to Help You Dominate Meal Prep


This quote is everywhere and it’s super annoying because it’s so true. Spontaneity is great but, how many spontaneous trips to the grocery store after work, when you’re starving and tired with everyone else in the world who’s starving and tired has ended up with a delicious healthy meal?

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Sweat Sesh: Upper Body Interval Circuit

We’re two weeks into 2017. How are your resolutions going? Are you going strong? Are you downward spiraling into a world of donuts and negativity?

The end of the year is a great time to reflect and set new goals but you do not become a different person at midnight on December 31st. You still like ice cream and wine and pizza and hate running at 12:01am on January 1st. This is not a reason to give up and decide that you’re incapable of change. You are absolutely capable! Change is a process. It takes time, dedication to new habits and a little discomfort. As you continue with your resolutions keep this quote in mind:

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Daily Detox: Detox Baths

Baths are great way to relax and wind down but they are also a great way to help the body detoxify. Detox baths use specific ingredients that promote excretion of toxins and absorption of nutrients through the skin.

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