Introducing: Daily Detox

The words “detox” and “cleanse” are all over social media and health magazines. Search “detox” in Pinterest. You’ll see tons of pins showing detox tea, detox juice, detox salad, Dr. Oz’s detox miracle etc. You’ll also see adds for wine which I’m pretty sure belong in the retox category. Anyways, my point is that detox has become a buzz word to sell you sh*t and no longer refers to the healing rituals of our ancestors.

Ayurvedic, Native American and Hippocratic medicine rituals such as fasting, massage, and sweat lodges have been used for thousands of years. These ancient people understood that detoxification is the way the body heals and repairs itself. Detoxification allows the body to rest and reset at the cellular level promoting improved health and preventing physical degeneration.

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Lower Body “Winter” Workout

It’s officially winter which means the weather is finally cooler in Gainesville. Florida “winter” is high 70s high 40s (no snow shoveling for us!) so I’m loving working out in the garage. This lower body circuit requires dumbbells, a jump rope and a bench, chair or cooler to rest your foot on for Bulgarian split squats.

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