Supersets Sweat Sesh: Shoulders & Abs

Happy Monday!

Do you think Sunday or Monday is the first day of the week? I always think of Monday as the first day of the week but if we decided to view Sunday as the first day of the week do you think we would like Mondays more? Think about it. The beginning of the week is a fun day off that usually starts with brunch. Boom. Monday doesn’t seem so bad. Just a thought.

On a more serious note – about 2 weeks ago I had the TV on while I was cooking dinner and HBO’s documentary Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing came on. I had no intention of sitting down and watching anything that evening but within 5 minutes I was on the couch totally engrossed.

It follows survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon attack who are now amputees. You watch the amputees and their families navigate the struggles and successes of physical and emotional recovery over several years. It’s shocking and sad and inspiring all at the same time. It really shifted my perspective of everyday life. For me, two big takeaways were:

  • Appreciate the everyday even it seems mundane. If my physical and/or emotional health was radically changed tomorrow, I would be longing to get back to my normal everyday.
  • Appreciate my body and what it does for me everyday as it is right now. Don’t waste time criticizing myself over 5 pounds or any other vanity concerns. They mean nothing compared to having 4 functional limbs.

Please watch Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing. I think it will have a lasting impact on anyone who takes the time to watch it.

How about a little workout to appreciate what your body can do? Here’s a quick shoulders and abs workout for Monday, the second day of the week 🙂

Supersets Sweat Sesh: Shoulders & Abs

Complete 3 rounds of each superset with minimal rest. Rest 1-2 minutes between supersets.

If you aren’t familiar with supersets check out more instruction here.

Exercise Reps
1A: DB Seated Shoulder Press 15 reps
1B: Pike Crunch Leg Lift* 12 reps
Exercise Reps
2A: DB Lateral Raise 12-15 reps
2B: Flutter Kicks 30 seconds
Exercise Reps
3A: Alternating DB Front Raise 15 reps
3B: Dead Bugs 10 each side
Exercise Reps
4A: Seated DB Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 15 reps
4B: Plank with Alternating Shoulder Tap 10 reps each side

*Lie on your back, legs raised, feet pointing towards the ceiling. Extend arms towards your toes, hands together. Crunch up reaching your hands towards your toes. Lower the upper body. Lower legs to the floor and lower hands and arms to floor above your head. Raise legs and arms back to the starting position. This is one rep.

Please listen to your body and modify as necessary. Enjoy!


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