Lower Body “Winter” Workout

It’s officially winter which means the weather is finally cooler in Gainesville. Florida “winter” is high 70s high 40s (no snow shoveling for us!) so I’m loving working out in the garage. This lower body circuit requires dumbbells, a jump rope and a bench, chair or cooler to rest your foot on for Bulgarian split squats.

DB = dumbbell

BW = bodyweight

Lower Body “Winter” Workout

5 minute warm up – elliptical, jump rope, jog

Complete 3 rounds of each superset with minimal rest. Rest 1-2 minutes between supersets. Set 5 is a single exercise finisher to make sure you have jello legs when you’re done! Complete 1-3 rounds of set 5.

Exercise Reps
1A: DB Sumo Squat 15 reps
1B: Jump Squats 15 reps each leg


Exercise Reps
2A: DB Bulgarian Split Squat 12 reps each leg
2B: Double Unders 30


Exercise Reps
3A: DB Sumo Deadlifts 15 reps
3B: Ice Skaters 20 (10 each leg)


Exercise Reps
4A: DB Glute Bridge 15 reps
4B: In-and-Out Squat Jumps 20


Exercise Reps
5A: BW Walking Lunges 60 reps (30 each leg)


Please listen to your body and modify as necessary. Enjoy!


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