Full Body Burn Circuit

This is a workout I did in my garage but it was more like doing it in a sauna since its 95 degrees and humid as hell here in FL!  The only equipment needed is dumbbells (DB).  Please listen to your body and modify as necessary. Enjoy!

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My Fitness Philosophy

As we get to know each other it is probably important that I share my fitness philosophy and food philosophy with you. I will address fitness here and food in another post.

For me, movement and exercise is just something I have to do. Without exercise I get antsy, I get grumpy; people don’t want to hang out with me. The desire to move and exercise has been a constant in my life but the way I move and exercise is always changing.

Here’s a quick timeline of movement and exercise in my life.

Childhood: ballet, jazz, gymnastics, 50 yard dash enthusiast


Middle school: ballet, ballet, ballet

High school: swim team, dance team

College: cardio, cardio, cardio, Disney ½ marathon

Post-college 2011-2012: body building style weight lifting and cardio at the gym, NPC bikini competitions


2012-2013: CrossFit style workouts


2014-2015: After prepping for NPC bikini competitions and participating in CrossFit style workouts for a of couple years I was burnt out. Throughout 2014 and 2015 I worked out on and off doing a little bit of everything from circuit workouts, to hot yoga, to Orange Theory, to bodybuilding programs to just walking the dog.

2016: This year my goal is simply to listen to my body and move in whatever way feels best each day. I don’t need to push myself to have a 6 pack and compete in bikini competitions and I don’t want to do workouts so intense that I feel like puking. I have been working to find a balance with circuits, yoga, walking, spin, and rest. This is what’s working for me right now. I will share my circuit workouts on the blog. For the most part, they can be done at home with minimal equipment.

My fitness philosophy these days boils down to this – move daily in whatever way feels best to you. This may be different every day. One day you may want to lift heavy and the next day you may want to do some restorative yoga. Movement and exercise have numerous physical and mental health benefits and are an important part of wellness. The key is finding activities that you truly enjoy. Forcing yourself to participate in workouts that you hate will be stressful and short lived. Try new activities and find the ones you love because those are the ones you will stick with. Now go get moving!